P20 Project improvements for the environmental restoration and the public use of the old Sils
Lagoon in Girona. Spain

Client: Fundació Natura / Ajuntament de sils
Project date: December 2001
Construction date: April 2002 - November 2003
Area: 40 Hectares
Direction of works: Fundació Natura
Constructor: Hormigones Proyectados, S.A
Budget: 191.200 €

The recovery of the old Sils lagoon is currently one of the greatest potential wetlands restorations in Catalonia, Spain.

The main objectives of the project, leaded by the ONG Fundació Natura, are the conservation of existing natural values, the elimination of exotic species and improving of the water quality.

The project also proposes the restoration of the natural heritage by increasing the area of forests and the creation of a permanent lagoon.

Finally, it encourages the promotion of ecotourism through the design of a nature trail to provide an enjoyable experience to the visitors.
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