P34 Landscape assessment of the Biodiversity Action Plan for the ACESA motorways in Catalonia
and Aragon.

Client: Fundació Natura/Fundació Abertis/Acesa
Project date: May 2005
Area: 530 Km

The landscape assessment of the Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) prepared by Fundació Natura, a nature conservation ONG in Spain, includes the AP-7,
AP-2 and C-32 motorways operated by ACESA, in Catalonia and Aragon.

This is a plan to preserve and enhance the biodiversity of these three infrastructures, since the land, covering an area of hundreds of acres and provide habitat for many valuable species of the Spanish flora and fauna.

The PAB consists of an action plan to ensure the preservation of more valuable items, removing invasive species, and the improvement and maintenance of communities and priority species of local flora and fauna.
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