P35 Environmental restoration project and improvement for the public use of the coast space
“Morrot de la Savinosa” in Tarragona.

Client: Fundació Natura / Ajuntament de Tarragona
Project date: December 2004
Area: 7,6 Hectares
Consultants: Limonium
Budget: 172.035 €

The Project area includes the coastal strip of " Morrots de la Savinosa " in Tarragona, composed of three calcareous rock outcrops who enter to sea as natural viewpoints.

This area contains some plant communities of great botanical interest and scenic quality classified as “Habitats of EC Community interest", which are threatened by heavy erosion and opening multiple access paths to the beach.

The project objectives are the conservation of existing natural values and in particular the botanical communities and the recovery of degraded natural environment through the management of access and pedestrian trails.
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