P53 Environmental improvements for the Vallcarca quarry restoration in the Garraf area. Barcelona.

Client: Acció Natura / Uniland
Project date: Janurary 2008
Area: 202,3 Hectares
Consultants: ECAFIR, S.L.
Budget: 7.682.205,79 €

The objectives of the project for the Vallcarca Quarry Restoration Plan, are to provide some ideas to supplement the existing restoration program for two main purposes, the landscape improvement and the conservation of the native biodiversity of the Garraf area.

The improvement project aims to create a mosaic of eight types of natural and semi-natural habitats typically Mediterranean with high aesthetic value.
These new environments will contribute to promote the habitat for some of the Garraf valuable wildlife species, as the Bonelli’s Eagle and the Mediterranean Tortoise.
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