P51 Environmental improvements for the new water irrigation pond for the local community in <BR>Manacor. Mallorca

Client: EXAGIN S.A.
Project date: July 2007
Area: 78.751 m˛
Consultants: Francesc Giró, Biologist

The Agriculture Department of the Spanish Administration projects to construct a pond for irrigation water for the community users of Manacor, Mallorca.

The pond is projected to range in a private land currently occupied by crops and adjacent to a 9 holes golf course of a rural hotel in the same manor house.

The project integrates the irrigation pond from the scenic viewpoint by adapting their natural shortcomings while tightening as semi-natural aquatic habitat for the benefit of the local flora and fauna, and also for the enjoyment of the hotel guests and visitors. It likewise seeks to contribute to the conservation of wetland biodiversity of the Balearic Islands.
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