P25 Cal Gat Reservoir Restoration. Ter river in Girona.#P25 Executive project for the environmental restoration and the public use improvement in the Ter River area of Cal Gat. Girona. Spain.

Client: Fundació Natura / Consorci Alba Ter
Project date: August 2002
Area: 14 Hectares
Budget: 243.898,63 €

The Swamp of “Cal Gat”, also known as "La Bassa", is in the course of the River Ter in the municipality of “Sant Joan de les Abadesses”, in the province of Girona, Spain.

The dam, which holds an approximate area of 17 hectares, generated a zone of stagnant and quiet water, an area of great interest and scarce in the river, primarily for wildlife.

This project aims to restore the river banks and riparian vegetation, creating naturalistic trail and walking tracks and the construction of viewpoints that allow the enjoyment of the river by the population.
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