U58 Landscape Detail Design for Playa Grande Aman Resort in the Dominican Republic.

Client: DCI Holding Seven Ltd.(Dolphin) / Playa Grande Holding/ AMAN
Project date: 2011-2015
Construction date: 2014 to December 2015
Area: Site 20Ha- Resort 17 Ha
Direction of works: Zoniro / Simon Rackham
Constructor: Hardscape: Vanderhorst & Asociados, Softscape: SOLARIUM
Consultants: Leader Architect: Heah&Co London, John Heah
Budget: Estimated softscape 3.530.570 USD

The Project site is located in Playa Grande, on the north Atlantic coast of the Dominican Republic, on a semi-flat area above sea level, and is characterized by high humidity and rainfall, is part of the Subtropical Humid Forest.

After an accurate inventory and analysis of the site, the proposal emphasises the need to protect the natural beauty of the area, by preserving and enhancing the Rainforest Ecosystem, the magnificence of the coast and the spectacular views of the Playa Grande beach.

The different habitats found are rainforest in the foreground and highest levels, windy costal wood in a lower level close to the coast line, rock and cliff vegetation, and finally the beach communities.

The project will protect the existing vegetation and restore the areas affected by the resort development with native and endemic species only, with the aim of preserving and restoring the biodiversity of the place.

The Dominican Republic has an amazing flora, over 5.000 species, which is one of the richest of the Antilles in the Caribbean Sea.
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