U59 Landscape Project Revision for the green areas of ‘Neptune Evolution’ Business Park in Mumbai, India.

Client: Neptune Realtor PVT LTD / Piramal Invester
Project date: October 2011- February 2012
Area: 675.596 m2
Consultants: Architect leader: Foster & Partners / External consultants: TOOLSTUDIO Arquitectes

Neptune Evolution Landscape Project 2011-12, is the revision from the one done in 2008-09, supervised by Foster+Partners.

Public Park and Surroundings. Located at street level is proposed to be restored with indigenous vegetation, helping to maintain a memory of the past and recreating a natural native ecosystem with a nature interpretative trail.

Internal Avenue. Is a wide paved walking area, embellished by some big planters that allow the plantation of umbrella shape trees with seasonal blossom, making their way through circular skylights.

Courtyards. Ground floor open-sky inner patios, proposed with Bayan trees and native lush rainforest climbers which provides an attractive green wilderness profile to be observed by the future offices users.

Roof gardens. The conceptual approach for the new gardens is the traditional mandala, a combination of Lotus, national flower in India, and geometrical hexagonal figures.The gardens are designed to be seen in a set drawing from above, and to be perceived in the human scale of the multiple different garden areas, where the seasonal changes define different patterns and atmospheres.
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