U57 Landscape Design Master Plan Improvement Project, Abuja Technology Village Free Zone (ATVFZ), Nigeria.

Client: RSHP Rogers Stirk Harbour Partners / ATVFZ Company
Project date: February - July 2011
Area: 732 Hectares
Consultants: Leader Architect= RSHP Rogers Stirk Harbour Partners / Consultants= Laterite Project Manager, Buro Happolds Engineering, Davis Lagdon Costs

Abuja Technology Village Free Zone is conceived as a Technology Park that covers an area of 732 Hectares and is located midway between the Abuja City Gate and the International Airport.

The philosophy for the new landscape development must respect and honour the local culture, and maximize and enhance the natural environmental characteristics of the site.
The goal of the landscape strategy is to provide a generous proportion of green open spaces around the new development, by restoring the local biodiversity, such as savannah, rock outcrop formations and riparian corridors, and providing some recreational areas.

It also considers the use of local resources, including a water and sustainability strategy to create a diverse and attractive landscape.
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