C117 Landscape Concept Design for the Competition of the New Iberia Headquarters in Madrid Barajas.

Client: IBERIA
Project date: April 2011
Area: 24.300 m2
Consultants: Lead Architect: UTE Estudio Lamela SLP- Rogers Stirk Harbour& Partners
Budget: Estimación 1.888.730 €

The Landscape concept for the New Iberia Headquarters is inspired by the corporative principles of the company, which are sustainability, landscape integration, optimization of resources and operational maintenance.

The project is divided in different zones:The external surrounding areas, road accesses, façade building gardens, and pedestrian ways, are organic, indigenous and sustainable, envisioning a green buffer embracing and protecting the building from the extreme weather conditions.
The other zones associated with the building, internal courtyards and streets, external covered avenue, are manmade gardens and ornamental species.

Finally, green roofs are proposed following the geometry of a chromatic “bar code” as an abstraction of the innovative and technological image of the new headquarters.
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