U54 Landscape Concept Design for the Regional Hospital of Baix Llobregat in Barcelona

Client: Brullet-Pineda Arquitectes
Project date: Concept Design 2009
Area: 12,9710m˛
Consultants: Architects: Brullet i Associats. Pinearq Estudio Arquitectura
Budget: Estimación 762.271,47€

The grounds of the New Hospital of Baix Llobregat are configured for four different types of vegetation:

The Pine wood of the parking area, in memory of the pine forests of the plot and surroundings.
The Riparian forest or corridor, which includes the main access road and the hospital gardens and visually connects the existing the stream and the nearby Fonsanta park.
The Urban Orchard, formed by small gardens located in green roofs and some rows of fruit trees in the courtyards of the hospital.

Finally some Tree screens formed by deciduous trees, which provide shade, greenery and autumn colours to the building and the surrounding streets.
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