C07 Landscape ideas for the Competition of the New Terminal Area in the Canary Islands. Spain

Client: Estudio Lamela / AENA
Project date: September 2001
Area: 64.555 m²
Consultants: Sener / 3i ingenierķa / Myriam Machado, geologist.

The great diversity of landscapes together with the richness and variety of flora with a high proportion of endemic species, make La Palma an ideal place for conservation projects, preserving the cultural and natural values.

The airport is located as the boundary between the agricultural terraces and the rocky coastal area, where we can find endemic species, recent volcanic formations and natural and artificial pools.

Overall, it is proposed the arrangement of the coastal area by creating an integrated natural and cultural itinerary system.The formal representation of this system of pathways is the silhouette of a starfish (Ophioderma longicauda) from the Canary Islands.
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