U27 Executive Project for the interior Parking Courtyards of the New Terminal Area in
Madrid-Barajas Airport. Spain.

Client: U.T.E. Estudio Lamela / Richard Rogers / AENA
Project date: November 2002 - January 2003
Construction date: October 2003 - September 2004
Area: 840 m²
Direction of works: Estudio Lamela / Richard Rogers / DosAdos
Budget: 49.219,89€

The proposal for the twelve internal parking courtyards of the New Terminal Area, is the placement of blocks of unpolished granite rock on a bed of gravel as sculptural elements.

The blocks of granite are from the same quarry in Segovia as the “crystal white granite” from the indoor floors of the parking area. The project considers 24 pieces, 2 per yard, sizes 1,50 x 1,80 x 1,20 m, assuming a total of 81 m3 of unpolished granite rock.

Due to access problems within the parking entrances during the implementation phase, we proceed to the decomposition of the blocks into cubes and rectangular slabs using a specific cutting in every yard, getting different compositions and atmospheres.
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