U27 Landscape Executive Project for the New Terminal Area in Madrid-Barajas Airport. Spain

Client: U.T.E. Estudio Lamela / Richard Rogers / Aena
Project date: April 2002-November 2002
Construction date: October 2003- September 2004
Area: 17,12 Hectares
Direction of works: AENA
Consultants: JCB Ingenieros
Budget: 3.183.845

The general landscape proposal for the New Terminal Area is based on establishing a pattern that is extensible to all the sites that will generate the new construction. These interstitial spaces are most often isolated and fragmented and their perception is sequential.

The general layout for the outdoor spaces, generates a unifying grid, which encompasses all these areas providing flexibility for the placement of design elements.

These elements are classified into two groups, the linear character associated with cool colours and geometry of the architecture, and globular character associated with the warm colours and the organic character of the natural landscape.
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