U53 Landscape concept Master Plan for BPTP Development in Noida. New Delhi, India.

Client: BPTP
Project date: June 2008 to November 2008
Area: 38,26 Ha / 94,5 Acres
Consultants: Foster + Partners / Buro Happold / Atkins Transport

Noida is an industrial city, located in northern India, near Delhi. It is bound by River Yamuna, and is based on the old river bed. The site is mostly a flat agricultural land and has no significant vegetation.

After a research of the historical and cultural references as the Mughal Garden or the Vaastu principles, as well as the geographical influences by the proximity to Yamuna River and their endangered valuable ecosystem, we concluded with some design statements as water connections, subdivision in four elements and radial composition.
As a result of the conceptual stage the new park is subdivided in four thematic gardens representing Air, Water, Fire and Earth and the central area or Atmosphere providing a wide range of recreational activities. The Earth garden is represented by a “Biodiversity natural park” that will reproduce endanger local ecosystems with an interpretation centre for the visitors.
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