C91 Landscape ideas for the Competition of the New German School in Madrid. Spain. FINALISTS.

Client: Federal Germany Republic / BUESO INCHAUSTI & REIN Arquitectos
Project date: May 2009
Area: 9.879 m˛
Consultants: Martínez Segovia y Asociados / Geasyt, S.A.
Budget: 1.047.265,20€

The general landscape concept for the New German School of Madrid, part of the idea of creating a lush perimeter band formed by indigenous ecosystem, the Continental Carpetani Oak ecosystem highly valued for its attractive flora.

Likewise, in the interior green spaces is proposed to create different gardens related to the school uses and needs and organized into two categories:

the recreational playgrounds that represent the evolution and development of the student,

and the common squares that symbolize the slogans of the school: science, art, language and cultural exchanges
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