C72 Landscape private Competition announced by Valode& Pistre Architects for the Landscape Detail Design New Hospital in Vigo, Spain.WINNERS OF THE COMPETITION.

Client: Valode & Pistre Arquitectos / SERGAS Consejerķa de Sanidad
Project date: November 2007
Area: 190.000 m²

The landscape proposal for the competition of the new hospital in Vigo is characterized by the conservation of the woodland character of the plot area, located on the outskirts of Vigo.

The proposal stresses the preservation and restoration of the existing native forest, the ecosystem of the Barxa River and the natural topography; it also integrates the humanized rural landscape.

The new green areas of the hospital are proposed following the linear patterns of the agricultural terraces that contrast with the organic and natural forms of the surrounded forest and in turn are integrated with the modernity of the new hospital.
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