U52 Landscape Design Project for the green areas of ‘Neptune’ Business Park in Mumbai, India.

Client: Foster+Partners / Neptune Group
Project date: May 2008 - February 2009
Area: 66.539 m˛

Landscape evolution
Originally on a group of islands, Mumbai was reshaped in the 19th century with large civil engineering projects aimed at merging the entire archipelago. With an alluvial and loamy soil cover, in the past the current suburban district was protected by mangrove forests, later on converted into agricultural land and eventually became an industrial area.
Taking into account the geographical and cultural constraints, we propose to reproduce valuable ecosystems on the ground level and surroundings of the offices, as the organic and luxuriant native forest for the Public Park, and a flooded landscape of the mangrove for the internal courtyards.
While, on the upper levels, the green roof will show the impact of a controlled, geometrical manmade garden under the philosophical influence of the traditional mandala image interrelated with the kaleidoscope as an abstraction to the monsoon conditions.
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