U49 Landscape project for the Aleph Public in Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires. Argentina.

Client: Faena Group / Fosters+Partners
Project date: January 2008
Area: 5.420 mē
Consultants: Lead Architect: Foster+Partners, Interior Design+SPA:Heah&Co Arquitects

The proposal for the new square stresses the importance to enhance and integrate the green areas into the composition of the Architecture of the New Hotel. It also considers the preservation of the magnificent views to the city, and to bring into the new site the foliage, blossom, colours and fragrances of the temperate gardens of Buenos Aires.

As a result of the conceptual stage, the garden is composed by rows of hedges and organic flower beds, displayed in the reddish range, that pass through the terraces and provide a sense of movement. The result is a composition that expresses the concept of a colour progression.

In the vertical scale, to provide shade to the area, a Jacaranda Avenue is proposed, formal in its composition and exuberant in its purple blossom, giving a counterpoint in the colours of the new gardens.
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