U47 Landscape Project for the Cyclades Island 5 star Resort in Greece.

Client: Dolphin Capital Partners / S&B Industrial Mineral S.A./ Exactarea Ltd.
Project date: May 2007 - Jully 2009
Area: 65 Hectares
Consultants: Lead Architect:Heah&Co/ARISTO/Trigram /Blair Thomson/T.Warner /CMSG / Doxiadis+
Budget: 4.000.000,00 €

The Landscape proposal for the new resort emphasizes the conservation of the wild natural character of the place preserving the existing native and endemic communities adapted to the wind, and the magnificence of the coast.
From the conceptual approach, “the wind” is used as a design element, reflecting the wild forces of nature present in the site, and observing the wind adaptations shapes of the natural vegetation.

In contrast to the expansiveness of the overall design, more intimate and delicate gardens are sited in the interior of the Hotel, Villas and Spa, selecting special local plants for sculptural interplay, proportion, seasonal colour and fragrance.
Finally, a pedestrian itinerary through the site is proposed, following the coastal line, to enjoy and live the natural setting of the resort.
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